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Welcome to A2 NZ Immigration … anywhere to New Zealand

New Zealand Immigration Consultancy Services

What we do?

At A2 NZ Immigration, we offer a range of New Zealand immigration services and can tailor a service just for you.  Choosing the right visa for your skills or circumstances can be tricky, confusing and daunting with terminology, information overload and non-professional advice.  This can up end being costly, time-consuming and often one receives an unfavourable result.

We will assess your circumstances and advise you on the best solution based on the current New Zealand immigration instructions.

Our New Zealand Licensed Adviser can assist you with all types of visa services:

  • temporary entry class visas (student visa, visitor visa, work visa)
  • residence class visa (resident or permanent resident visas)
  • business immigration category (entrepreneur work visa (EWV), Investor & Investor Plus categories). We have a specialist team who handles the setup of a new business.

We will help find the right visa for you.

Where do I start?

It is advisable to have a FULL ASSESSMENT done, outlining your options.

After you Contact Us,  we will contact you to  obtain more information and provide advise on your next steps.

The way we work:

We have the expertise and experience in New Zealand Immigration Law to best advocate for you.  Immigrating to New Zealand isn’t just about collating documents and form filling, it’s about understanding the immigration policy and rules set in place by the New Zealand government to attract and retain skilled migrant applicants and business investors.

It’s also about re-uniting families by way of the Parent Retirement category and Dependent Child category of New Zealand citizens or residents.

We strive for excellence and will support you and your family by evaluating your circumstances to achieve the best outcome to live, work and play in New Zealand.

New Zealand is a diverse country with a rich Maori heritage.  Aotearoa,  a.k.a. “land of the Long White Cloud” has been inhabited by Maori since about 1300 AD.  New Zealand is the ranked the third best country for business as rated by Forbes.

New Zealand is home to the World Champions All Blacks for rugby, Sir Peter Jackson,  Sir Edmund Hillary, AJ Hackett and this is just naming a few of our nations most inspiring people.  It’s no wonder why so many people from all around the world would love to live, work and play in “God’s Own”.

Give us a call or email us to discuss your immigration needs.