Approved visaWe offer a full range of services and can tailor a service just for you.  All our services are legally bound by a contract. We also follow the strict guidelines of the IAA’s Code of Conduct.

Licensed advisers add real value to applications by knowing what is required to meet the mandatory lodgement requirements, ensuring the application is accepted for processing.  We also know what, additional information/evidence is required to ensure the Applicant meets the relevant immigration instructions.

The Fees quoted are only for Professional Services and does not include INZ Fees and associated costs with immigrating.

  1.  Full Skilled Migrant Assessment :
  • This assessment includes – detailed report on your immigration assessment (all visa categories),  Points (under SMC), Qualification Analysis for each family member, Health and Character analysis for each family member (if there are concerns – any visa category), Work Experience Analysis and Advise on your current immigration status and the best visa option for you.

2.  Visitor visas  :

You need to be a bona fide temporary visitor to visit New Zealand. There are several criteria a visitor needs to meet in order for the visa to be granted.

3.  Student visas :

New Zealand facilitates the genuine entry of students to attract and develop skills and talent New Zealand needs.

4.  Work visas :

To obtain a work visa, one needs a job offer.  This is a temporary visa with conditions on the visa label.

5.  Family Residence visas (Partnership & Dependent Child/ren and Parent categories) :

6.  Skilled Migrant Category residence visas – per family

A points based system targeted at stimulating the skills base in New Zealand.  This is a very popular category for Professionals.

7.  Residence from Work visas – per family

After spending time in your current role, we can assist you in applying for your Resident of Permanent Resident Visa.

8.  Business and Investor visas –  (depending on complexity)

The Business Investor is made up of the EWV, Investor and Investor Plus categories.  We  have a specialist team who deals with the set-up of this as well as the planning.  Minimum investment requirement is NZ$100,000.  Take the online Investor assessment to find out if you are eligible.

9.  Section 61 Requests 

Appealing for the grant of a visa to a person who is unlawful in New Zealand.

10.   Responding to Potentially Prejudicial Information (PPI) Letter 

These letters usually requires complex advocacy on your behalf due to Immigration New Zealand (INZ) finding prejudicial information about your application.  In order to follow the fair and natural justice process, INZ gives an applicant an opportunity to respond to the prejudicial information before deciding the fate of your application.  If advocacy on your behalf is vague and lacking in substantive information, your visa will be declined.  This is where, you need the expertise of a LIA to advocate on your behalf using the relevant legislation available in New Zealand to make a substantive case and respond to the PPI letter.

  • Response to PPI Letter with advocacy and further evidence.

11.  New Zealand Qualification Assessment

We can assist you in applying to have your qualifications assessed under the NZQA framework unless they are exempt from assessment.  This is usually required under the SMC (Skilled Migrant Category) when you need to to submit your residence application.

*Prices are subject to change without notice.  All prices quoted in New Zealand Dollars & includes 15% GST.